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Wedding Dance

Dancing Suncoast wedding dance

Wedding Dance

Our Wedding Dance Programs will make your Wedding Dance the most memorable and you will cherish this day for the rest of your life.  Together you are confident and poised, you will show off your personality through your choreographed First Dance. It will be magical!

We can help you with:

Your Wedding First Dance

Father and Bride’s Dance

Mother and Groom’s Dance

Wedding Party Dance Routines

We will tailor your dance lessons to you and your wedding party to your needs. How many wedding dance lessons you need to perfect your First Dance? It will depend on how you learn and how elaborate (or simple) you would like your wedding dance to be.

Come in for your first dance lesson, we will then help you decide which package is right for one for you.

Competitive Dance

While we have students that are comfortable as a social dancer, we also have some that want a challenge, they want to be a star on the dance floor like on Dancing with the Stars.

We call these students “competitor”.    To become a competitively dancer we have push your ballroom and/or Latin to a higher dance level for competitions.  These competitive dance events will improve your self confidence on, and off, the dance floor.  We have several of dance competitions all around the world. To get you started, you’ll do demonstrations at our Social parties, showcase and mini-matches.

Group Lessons


Our group classes are held two to three times week and are each 45 minutes in length and they are design to be taken in addition to to you private lesson.  
They range from beginner to advanced and are open to all current students.
Group classes are an important part of learning to dance because they help you learn he in’s and out’s of leading and following, a variety of dances and improve your technique.

All levels of students can participate in an open and fun class setting.  Classes are usually throughout  week in the evenings 

Social Events

We conduct Social Parties every week in order to prepare our students to have a chance to use all their new dance moves in a real world setting when they are socially dancing.

Don’t worry about whether or not you have a partner because at our parties everyone dances with each other and there are plenty of enthusiastic instructors to help you along the way. These socials give students have the opportunity to dance and meet other students, as well as the other instructors. We set up our studio with a “night club” ambiance so students have fun! 

Wedding Dance

We offer a variety of Wedding Dance Lessons.  Choose from a simple, relaxed wedding dance to a more elaborate first dance for your entire wedding party. We tailor your classes to you.  How many wedding dance lessons you need to perfect your First Dance will depend on how you learn and how elaborate (or simple) you would like your wedding dance to be. You can always come in for your first dance lesson, then decide which package is right for you once you have a better idea of how you learn.