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Dance will refresh
your Life!

Dancing & Music Can Cure Things Medications Will
Never- William Blanco May


    Owner and Founder, Patrick Johnson, has been in the business most of his life, starting with training to become a competitive dancer at the tender age of 4. He went on to compete and win ballroom dance competitions around the world for most of his early years. After retiring as a competitor, Patrick began a career as the Dance Board Chairman of a highly regarded dance affiliation.

    Patrick has owned many successful dance studios throughout out the United States over the years, but he says Dancing on the Suncoast is the best one yet.


    I Dance To Escape the World-I Dance to Find Peace With Myself-I
    Dance to Feel Free

    Why Dance

    “When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the dance floor.

    It’s to enjoy each step along the way”