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The Way
We Teach

The Way We Teach

The Inter-Related System of Teaching
Each session described below is an important part of your regular learning program. Together they form a successful method of teaching that has been proven for several years.

Group Classes:
Our group classes are tailored to match different levels of dancing. During group classes a student will learn a variety of step patterns and some basic techniques; leading, following and timing. Repetition is key, because dancing is muscle memory. These are extremely important when learning to become a good dancer. It is important to be able to dance with different partners. Group classes are lots of fun and you.

Private Lessons:
In your private lesson you will receive the specialized and personal attention that is necessary to achieve your dance goals. If you have a special problem such as timing a step or styling a dance, as your private instructor, I will be able to spend the necessary time to correct your problem. During your private lessons you will be working on the dances that you have chosen to be your major dances. I will keep an up to date record of everything that you learn.

Practice Sessions:
We have found over the years that people rarely get a chance to practice at home. Our programs are designed with this in mind. The practice sessions are utilized in two ways:

1. Unsupervised practices:Practice time is available before and after your lesson.

2. Parties-During a party you will have the chance to dance with the other students at the school. Instructors are available for your assistance; however we encourage you to dance with each other.